by Jennifer Marie Keller

by Jennifer Marie Keller

The Alchemist's Table
by Jennifer Marie Keller

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Curious portraits - an old and battered relief sculpture of cherubs - the dusty work table of an alchemist. Each painting conveys a story with mystery and romanticized light.  Her paintings invite the viewer to look through windows into how the artist, Jennifer Marie Keller, sees her world.

Jennifer’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood.  Born in 1989 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jennifer showed an aptitude for art from an early age.  

“My mom said I would hide paper and crayons under my pillow so I could draw after my bedtime.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an artist. I see the world as intensely beautiful and I have always wanted to give others that visual pleasure. ”

In high school, Jennifer began taking private art lessons.  This is when her work moved from drawing to oil painting. Later on in high school she took a summer painting class from Saint Francis University.  

Jennifer went on to receive her bachelor degrees in two dimensional arts with a focus in painting from Bowling Green State University. Not only developing her painting skills this also  began her love for art history and studying the old masters work. She was awarded the Palmer’s Travel Scholarship one summer and was able study art history in Rome and neighboring Italian cities. During her last two years of school Jennifer was a studio assistant to portrait painter Leslie Adams.  

After graduation Jennifer had her studio in Indianapolis.  During this year of painting and shows, she stumbled across classical painting and drawing ateliers.  Which is how she found the Ravenswood Atelier in Chicago. A program that teaches painting the same way the old masters she admires were taught.

“I remember The Ravenswood Atelier so fondly.  It is what had the most impact on making me the painter I am today.”  Jennifer studied at her atelier for 5 years, during her last 2 years she was also a student teacher.  She studied under Matthew and Magdalena Almy who both graduated from the Florence Academy of Art.

While at her atelier Jennifer was not only learning how to paint but in her free time was also studying what to paint.  “I am a very curious person. I love that mysterious exhilarating feeling of curiosity and I want to infuse that in my images.  A curious slice of a story that the viewer can fill in with their own answers. Music, books, and the classics are great places where I find inspiration. I’ll take a scene from Macbeth that invokes an idea and keep flipping it around and around in my head until I get a really interesting image. ”

One of the many things that makes Jennifer Marie Keller’s paintings so special are the different textures that can be found in them.  In one painting you can find the paint handled in a multitude of ways giving so much interest to wherever you look at the painting. “I am pushing myself to find the variety in a painting, from the image it is expressing to how it was painted.  I want there to be little surprises that you can find the more you look at it, as in interesting brushwork in the foreground or a scraping affect in the corner. I find paint to be endless with possibilities of how it can be manipulated and I want to explore its full potential to make a really interesting painting.”  

Jennifer Marie Keller has recently moved to Northern California where she works in her studio.  

2013-18   The Ravenswood Atelier                                                       Chicago, IL
2012-11   Studio Assistant to portrait painter Leslie Adams           Toledo, OH
2011        American Institute for Foreign Study         (Art History) Rome, Italy
2012-08  Bowling Green State University    BFA                Bowling Green, OH

2016-18   Student Teacher at The Ravenswood Atelier                 Chicago, IL
2017        Assistant of Magda Almy Painting and Drawing Workshop  Chicago, IL

2012      Solo Show Near Light- 1832 Studio and Gallery


2019      Coyote Hills Regional Park Plein Air Event, Union City, CA

2019      14th Art Renewal Center Salon, Finalist

2019      Crocker-Kingsley Exhibit, Blue Line Arts, Rosenville, CA

2018      Bold Expressions 63rd International Exhibition, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, CA
2018      Palette and Chisel Spring Show, Chicago IL
2017      Palette and Chisel Fall Show, Chicago IL
2017      World Wide Kitsch
2016      Art Dart (Charity Event)- Green House Room, Chicago IL
2016      Cabaret- The Flat Iron, Chicago IL
2016      Creative World Trade Show- with Nitram Charcoal, Frankford Germany
2013      The Small Series- Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL2013      Art Everywhere- Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL
2013      The Next Wave- The Next Wave, Elgin IL
2012      Tiny- Gallery 924, Indianapolis
2012      Encounter- Bozarts Gallery, Toledo
2012      Contemporary Realism Biennial- Fort Wayne Museum of Art
2012      Gallery 333, Toledo
2012      BGSU Senior Show- Willard Wankelman Gallery
2011      Figuratively Speaking- BGSU Student Union Gallery
2011      BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery
2010      Presidential Suite in BGSU Student Union
2010      BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery
2009      BGSU Undergraduate Show- Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery  


2019        People’s Choice Award 2nd Place, Coyote Hills Plein Air Event

2018        Florence Ferrario Memorial Award - Excellent ability to work with medium. Awarded to “Oil and Dried Rose Petals” painting.
2017        Art Renewal Center Scholarship 3rd Place
2011        Palmar Travel Scholarship
2011        Athena Society Scholarship
2011        Junior Artist Talent Scholarship
2010        1st Place Drawing in Undergraduate Gallery
2010        2nd Place Painting in Undergraduate Gallery
2010        Sophomore Artist Talent Scholarship
2009        Honorable Mention in Drawing in Undergraduate Gallery
2009        Freshman Artist Talent Scholarship

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2016       Featured in Nitram Charcoal’s Ad in Drawing Magazine
2016       Commercial- Around the World with Nitram Charcoal
2012       Article in ArtfulVegabond.com’s: A 365-Day Tribute to Artists and the Creative Mind