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Jennifer Marie Keller

4 Tricks to improve your Painting/Drawing

See the 4 tricks I use to help me get a sense of realism and 3D illusion in my work. 1. Ant Trick, 2. Rollercoaster Trick, 3. Knocking Trick, 4. Looking out of the Corner of your Eye.

Seeing Tools for Painting and Drawing

video of 7 Steps to Make a Drawing: SEEING TOOLS *Mirror: *Black Mirror: Tiffin Lens: *Red Lens: Cards: cut a hole in a thick card or use your hands If you would like to see more of my work follow me: website and blog: Instagram: Facebook: If…
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7 Steps to Make a Drawing

Here are 7 steps to make a drawing. Basically it is starting simple and moving to more complex. I will use these principles for painting and drawing.

Building a LIGHT BOX

In this video I show how I built my light box. I use a box, tracing paper, tape, and 3 clip lights. The light box is great for lighting a painting or lighting your setup as it can mimic natural light.