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Jennifer Marie Keller

Atelier Diary|TRANSFER DRAWING & DYLAN|Limited Palette Figure Painting

Its a new trimester and I’m starting a new figure painting. This week I make the transfer drawing. This is my limited palette painting of Dylan.

VENUS | 1st Limited Palette Cast Painting

Watch this video if you want to see and hear more about my cast painting of Venus. It is my first limited color cast painting. I’m pretty proud of this one.

1st Limited Palette Figure Painting

I’ve moved from the Grisaille Palette to the Limited Palette and it feels pretty good.  The Limited Palette is white, black, cadmium red light, and yellow ochre, which can give some pretty satisfying flesh colors.  At the end of the video there is a slideshow that shows the progress shots up to completion.

BERNINI | Grisaille Cast Painting

This is my last Grisaille painting ever! (grisaille palette is white, black, and raw umber)  When I finished this painting I was graduated onto a limited color palette of white, black, red, and yellow ochre. The big take aways from this painting: Maintain the  surface area. I tried to keep the surface as smooth as…
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BRIAN | Grisaille Figure Painting

This is my final grisaille figure painting! I learned so much working on this painting.  Here are my big take aways: When blocking in the painting make sure you are in the mindset of blocking in.  I was trying to resolve while blocking in, which is fine, but to be efficient the resolving will come…
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