Category: Diary of an Artist

Jennifer Marie Keller

Changes to Make it Work | Painting Yellow Flowers

I paint these yellow flowers while still finding the balance and make necessary changes to also be a full time parent.

I didn’t know it existed! Art vlog | Modelo beer

I found oil painting paper at the art store. Watch me paint a Modelo beer still life on the paper to try it out.

creating a POP UP GALLERY SHOW | prep work

My neighborhood has a garage sale day and I have decided to turn my garage into a pop up gallery to share my artwork. This video is all the prep work going into the art show. I go through all my work, varnish paintings, and install the show!

Art Helps Me Process And Reflect

It’s been a hard two weeks. My baby has been in the hospital twice. I make art to help me process and reflect. In this video I work on a drawing and painting, it helps me get in tune with myself letting me realize that I need to ask for help so I can rest…
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Stop Self Doubt 3 Ways (Art Vlog Sirens)

Self doubt is the killer of joy and progress. As I review my previous years artwork and work flow I see that self doubt has been keeping me down. While I continue work on my “Sirens” painting I discuss the three rules I will be following for the rest of the year to combat my…
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