Category: Atelier Diary

Jennifer Marie Keller

Finishing up the Flesh Tones | Icarus

I am in the resolving stage of this painting and in this video I finish up all the flesh tones.

My Day | What I do when I don’t like my Painting

First, I have this new plan to how I spend my day painting. It lets me be able to productively paint all day. Secondly I discus what I do when I don’t like my painting.

Experimenting with Paint and Medium | Diary of a Painter

I experiment with stand oil on the Mask painting and Mars black on the Lovers painting.  In this video I also show the finished facial expression study for my Icarus painting and a sped up version of the drawing process.

Offering a Prophecy

This is a video that shows my painting, Offering a Prophecy.  There is commentary that shares the story behind this painting.  You can acquire this painting here.

Oil and Dried Rose Petals

Here is a short video showcasing my painting, Oil and Dried Rose Petals, with commentary.  This painting can be acquired here.