I begged to get in, Monet show | Denver Art Museum

Jennifer Marie Keller

I begged to get in, Monet show | Denver Art Museum

I was in Denver for a weekend and I saw the Denver Art Museum was having a huge Monet show. When I walked into the museum lobby I see huge signs saying, “Monet SOLD OUT”. I went up to the ticket counter and shamelessly begged for them to sell me a ticket…

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  1. Gerry says:

    Hi Jennifer, if you get a chance to see a Joaquin Sorolla exhibition I can thoroughly recommend it. Monet referred to Sorolla as the ‘master of light’ for good reason. I travelled to London to see both the Van Gogh and Sorolla exhibitions on the same weekend last year. Although the Van Gogh exhibition was good it verged on underwhelming whilst the Sorolla exhibition was stunning. This of course is just my personal opinion but if you enjoyed Monet I would suggest you’ll equally enjoy Sorolla.
    Thanks for the video blogs, I do enjoy watching them.

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