Sneaky LA Art Show

Jennifer Marie Keller

Sneaky LA Art Show

I may of had to sneak something into the LA Art Show…

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  1. David Walter says:

    That’s a really funny story. I’m curious, though, why is it you can bring in a camera and not a sketch book? I bring my camera every year and there’s no problem. Only a few galleries wouldn’t let me take a picture. Note: Jennifer. You should visit the Arcadia Contemporary Gallery next time you’re in L.A. Great modern artists showcase their work there. People like Jeremy Lipking, Nick Alm, Brad Kunkle, Julio Reyes, Casey Baugh. Also the Gene Autry Museum has the Gold Medal Show every April for the top contemporary artists. Great blog by the way.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, David. I really want to see Arcadia Gallery. I just moved to northern California and so soon I hope that I can make the drive over there and visit.

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