Jennifer Marie Keller


This week I’m feeling more confident with my black in of the figure and I am moving it into the resolving stage.  I’m trying to get everything as specific as I can to the model’s specific anatomy. There is one more week of the trimester, and so, I have one more week to work on this painting and make it the best I can.

I’m spending a lot of time working on my base in my cast painting.  I struggle with bases, which is a bit silly because bases should be the easiest part of the painting… its just a block 😉   Matt reminded me to focus on GESTURE & PROPORTION when seeing how to correct my base.  GESTURE & PROPORTION is everything when it comes to finding the structure in any subject.  Its such an easy trick and it really helped me correct the base.

I really believe that if you have a critical eye, when focusing on GESTURE & PROPORTION, you can find the structure in any subject.

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