Pencil Sharpening SECRETS

Jennifer Marie Keller

Pencil Sharpening SECRETS

The important thing about my pencils is not the brand, but rather how I sharpen them.  I take a razor blade and remove the wood to expose 1-2 inches of lead.  I sharpen the lead with sandpaper to create a long thin needle shape.  This creates a tip that is much sharper and will last longer then a regular sharpened pencil.

The extra long point also changes how I hold the pencil.  It forces me to hold it like a paint brush, which is at the end instead of by the tip.  It gives me more movement as I can use my wrist and whole arm to create graceful and controlled lines.

At the end of the video I show close ups of the drawing in the background so you can see the different line work created by the long sharpened pencils.

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