Jennifer Marie Keller



This is the start of a new long pose with a new model.

I have worked with this model many times before and unfortunately he does not hold a consistent pose.  I became really frustrated with trying to capture a gesture that was constantly changing and I let it get the best of me.  I decided I did not want this whole 5 weeks to be a bad experience so I tried to think of ways that I could turn this into a positive thing.  My new goal is to take the bits and pieces of different shifting poses that this model gives me, and try to make the most beautiful and interesting gesture I can.  I applied this on Friday and was much happier to find that I did get a really interesting gesture that I am pleased with.

This week I also started a new cast transfer drawing.  The cast has a rather complex light shape and shadow shape.  I show the cast and my drawing side by side so you can see how I am simplify the light shape and shadow shape into really basic planes.  This next week I will break up the simplified shapes into their complicated forms and then begin the painting.

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