Brush Care SECRETS

Jennifer Marie Keller

Brush Care SECRETS


I learned a safe and cheap way to wash and care for your brushes so you can get as long a life out of them as possible.  This method is a little odd, but hear me out.


First things first, getting the paint out of the bristles.  I just use soap and water, no turpentines or mineral spirits.


The second trick is maintaining the brush shape so it will keep looking the same as when you bought it. A person’s saliva has a natural start in it, which makes it a perfect cheap and easy way to maintain brush shape.  I will spit in my hand and rub the bristles into it, so the saliva is working into the inside of the brush.  I take a small piece of paper towel and wrap it around the bristles to ensure that the bristles dry into the desired shape.


I know this sounds crazy and a bit gross, but I would not make a post about putting saliva on brushes if it did not work exceptionally well.



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