BRIAN | Grisaille Figure Painting

Jennifer Marie Keller

BRIAN | Grisaille Figure Painting

This is my final grisaille figure painting!

I learned so much working on this painting.  Here are my big take aways:

  1. When blocking in the painting make sure you are in the mindset of blocking in.  I was trying to resolve while blocking in, which is fine, but to be efficient the resolving will come after the block in.
  2. A trick to keying your image (finding the lightest light and darkest dark): place a thick dab of pure white paint where the lightest area of the painting is.  This way you will know how bright you can actually go, which helped me to push my painting brighter.
  3. Edge work in a painting is softer then I think.  When in doubt, use a soft edge.  This will allow a few sharps in the painting to be very powerful as everything else will be in varying degrees of softness.
  4. Creating atmosphere in a painting requires balancing temperature, edge quality, and value.  I’m still figuring this one out, as I try to paint the air that is around the figure.

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