BERNINI | Grisaille Cast Painting

Jennifer Marie Keller

BERNINI | Grisaille Cast Painting

This is my last Grisaille painting ever! (grisaille palette is white, black, and raw umber)  When I finished this painting I was graduated onto a limited color palette of white, black, red, and yellow ochre.

The big take aways from this painting:

  1. Maintain the  surface area. I tried to keep the surface as smooth as I could, making it possible to show all the subtle value shifts.
  2. Decide where to show detail and where to have detail fall away.  Detail is shown with contrasting values.  If working in the lights, its best to let the detail fall away because contrasting values will kill the sense of light.
  3. Show space, atmosphere, and air around the subject.  I’m still figuring this one out but so far I understand that temperature and edge quality plays a big role.

Also I talk about how I designed the light to fall on the cast.  It involves a lot of cardboard, foam core, string, tape, and whatever else I could find to manipulate the light falling from the skylight that washes over the cast.

I hope you enjoy.

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