A little bit about my school: The Ravenswood Atelier

Jennifer Marie Keller

A little bit about my school: The Ravenswood Atelier


This school is modeled after the 19th century Ateliers of Western Europe. Everything is very traditional.  We draw under natural light, stand at our easels, and use the classical tools. 
What I really like about this school is that it teaching a system on how to make a painting/drawing, from the first stage to completion.  It takes away the guesswork so you know how to tackle any painting or drawing.
This school is all about teaching the craft.  It gives you the techniques and then you can choose what you want to do with them, whether that is representational or even abstract works. 
The program usually takes 4 years to complete.  You go at your own pace, so depending on how long it takes to grasp the concepts it could be longer or shorter then 4 years. 
The program is split into two parts: drawing and painting.  It’s said that you can paint only as well as you can draw. Drawing is the base for everything, so the first 2 years are dedicated solely for drawing, followed with 2 years of painting.






I am at the very end of my last charcoal drawings and then I get to move into the painting program.  YAY!  I feel much more confident with my drawing, and so I’ll be sharing what I learned in posts and videos to come. 

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